Toolholding and Workholding

Magnos Control Unit Kss 01

More compact design, optimized safety - the new Magnos control unit KSS 01 sets standards for installation and operation. The installation is facilitated by the compact design and the ferromagnetic rubber surface on the bottom. The advantage: Quick positioning - safe hold. Improved process reliability is guaranteed by the patented protection against short circuits, as well as two selfdiagnostic programs for the currents. The new generation is compatible with the manual remote control of the KEH 01 control unit and can be configured via a PC interface unit.

Magnos Control Unit KSS 01

Vero-S NSL Turn

The system for milling-turning centers reduces setup times and ensures highly rigid and safe clamping with pull-in forces of 75 kN of the modules.

Vero S NSL Turn

Vero-S NSR

The high pull-in force creates an exceptionally rigid system with excellent holding power for maximum torques up to 700 Nm.

Vero S NSR

Vero-S Nse Plus

Increased variability due to intelligent expansion of series Maximum pull-in forces of up to 15 kN and fully sealed - Vero-S NSE plus 99 and Vero-S NSE plus 100-75.

Vero S Nse Plus

Vero-S NSA Plus

New automated palletizing system. The NSA plus module for the VERO-S quick change pallet system ensures maximum precision for automated machine loading with a highprecision repeat accuracy < 0.005 mm.

Vero S NSA Plus

Rota-S Plus 2.0

The new generation of hand-operated chucks The new ROTA-S plus2.0 replaces the most-purchased hand-operated chuck from SCHUNK in sizes 160 - mm.Rota-S Plus 2.0


Rota NCL

Energy-efficient and low-maintenance The new ROTA NCL is available in the standard version with weight-optimized steel base body, weighing up to 35% less than conventional power chucks of the same size and from now on the lathe chuck will be also available in an aluminum version, achieving a weight reduction of up to 60%.

Rota NCL

Rota FSW Quick-Change Chuck

Toolholder can be changed quickly and easily ROTA FSW features optimal functions for fast and precise chuck changing: with a setup time of 3 minutes and repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm.

Rota FSW Quick-Change Chuck


SCHUNK - Your Partner for Tool holding and Work holding Solutions from one source Tool holding systems, lathe chucks, stationary work holding and chuck jaws – At SCHUNK you are profiting from a complete product range and business activities from the world’s largest supplier and market leader in tool holding and work holding. No matter which specific requirement you will have in the field of tool holding and work holding - our product variety and technical creativity is offering you a spectrum of optimum solutions. All from one source. No matter if tool- or workpiece clamping - SCHUNK quality ensures you precision, efficiency and process reliability. SCHUNK offers more. For you.

Tendo SVL Tool Extension

Perfect problem solver for tool and mold making The innovative Tendo SVL Tool Extension is first-rate whenever and wherever small interfering contours and maximum precision and efficiency are required. It can be clamped in virtually every precision toolholding system in the blink of an eye and ensures process-reliable tool holding with hydraulic expansion toolholders when boring, reaming, chamfering and milling.

Tendo Svl Tool Extension

TRIBOS SVP- 4 Clamping Device

The new TRIBOS SVP-4 clamping device puts the SCHUNK polygonal clamping technology into the top position due to a consequent optimization of weight and size, at an affordable price. The noise emission of the pumps during the clamping operation has been reduced to a minimum. Even in terms of energy supply, less means more: The SVP-4 only needs a socket with 220 V alternating current.TRIBOS SVP- 4 Clamping Device